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"Bad request. The link you followed is incorrect or outdated." What does that mean?

The link you tried may be incorrectly formatted; check the URL. Or you tried to access content that doesn't exist, has been deleted, or has been removed for review by staff. Or you are not logged-in and are trying to access something available to members only.


Why can't I post any more after my first 10 posts?

See this Support topic: How to become a contributor


I found a dead link. What should I do?

Request a re-up here: Request re-ups & report dead links here


I found something illegal or that does not comply with the rules here. What should I do?

Please report that to the admin via private message: Report illegal content


Can I post stuff in a model's topic even if it's already been posted there?

No, see this post: No re-posting in models topics


Can I post the same gallery/set/video in multiple threads?

A set may only be posted once as a single image gallery; a downloadable set/video may only be posted once in the model's topic (once in each model's topic if more than one model are featured in the set/video). However, you may also post them in as many of your collection topics where it fits the theme of the collection. There is no limit to the number of collection topics where a gallery/set/video can be included, and it can be included by multiple members in their own collection topics.


Why can't I search in individual topics?

This is a free forum platform; some features are therefore a bit limited. If this forum gains in popularity to the point where some expense becomes justified to improve on features, we'll look into available options. In the meantime, when you do find something you like, you can bookmark it so you don't have to look for it again (when logged-in, click the little flag icon at the top-left of your screen).


Why doesn't my new post show up in search results?

As this is a free forum platform with limited resources, indexing of new posts can take up to 30 minutes.


Why can't I see any passwords for downloadable files?

Most members will include their passwords in their signature, and signatures are hidden from users who are not logged-in. So, if you're not logged-in, you won't see them. If you are logged-in and still can't see signatures, go to your profile and, on the "Display" page, be sure "Show user signatures" is checked.


Can I post my affiliate links?

You may include up to three affiliate links as text links only in your signature, but no more. No banners anywhere, and do not include any affiliate links or advertisements of any kind in any posts. However, you may not post any affiliate links to any hosts/services used by the admin of this forum (see bottom of page).


You are here » NN.Forum.Cool » FAQ